Friday, February 17, 2012

Why vegans don't go to animal circuses

Would you like to know why vegans don't go to animal circuses? That is because at first the elephants are trained at Ringling's breeding center with ropes and bullhooks. It hurts the elephants. It is a painful and very bad for the elephants. The elephants only do tricks because they are scared of what will happen to them if they don't.
It starts when baby elephant's necks are tied up to an 'anchor' elephant. The anchor elephant is the bigger elephant that pulls the baby along. The baby elephants don't like it because it hurts them. Then the are chained up in the barn for at least 23 hours a day. That ruins the elephants mind. A baby is roped by itself in the barn. It struggles, but just gets rope burns. It might take 6 months before they stop struggling. Ringling's breeding center is just a place that tortures animals and makes them learn silly tricks. The trainers whip the elephants to make them learn to do their tricks. The baby elephants are slammed to the ground. The trainers slam them to the ground with bullhooks and electric prods. They train it to lie down with ropes. The baby elephants are slammed to the ground using bullhooks and electrical prods. The baby elephants are trained to sit on a tub with ropes, chains, bullhooks, and electric prods. And the baby elephants are never rewarded like Ringling's breeding center claims. They are only punished.
I think it is terrible that the baby elephants are treated this way and taken from their natural homes. The elephants don't want to do tricks at circuses. The baby elephants are just used to make money. The circus owners don't care about their animals. All they care about is getting rich.

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